FGP/FingerPrint Team


Murat ACAR                        

FingerPrint Founder                          

FingerPrint Team Leader                    

 Project ownerandmanager                


Bünyamin EFE                       

FGP App Responsibility                          

FingerPrint Team manager                    

Promotion Responsible                          


Gökhan  AVCİL                  

FGP ATM Responsibility                         

FingerPrint Team Support                     

FingerPrint Chief Advisor                    



Most of you are used to seeing human faces here.

Some team members share their own accounts where our investors deserve.

There is no such situation for FGP. For FGP, to be exist or to be vanish is under the hand of its investors . For this reason, even if you have bought 1FGP,

you will be enlisted. If you want to be shown, please contact info@fingerprintcoin.org

After you invest in FGP you will be a part of this team, so

invest as much as you are confident. (do not worry, we will be among you)

Attention please

 Caution: Since digital money is a bit risky, avoid investing more than your capability. This includes BTC-ETH and FGP.