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FingerPrint FGP Content


Details about Services

  The purpose of the icon is to reflect the current crypto money directly to the current life.

briefly define the project;
Fingerprint instead of a coin in a cola or biscuit machine...
Instead of a credit card, we can use fingerprint systematically to!
 (and we are aware that this is not easy.)

When will the stock market fall

We plan to publish at least 5 stock exchanges at the latest on 24.01.2019


*What is FingerPrint / FGP?

-Fingerprint is a revolutionary digital currency which offers the opportunity to use your finger on money transactions.

*Why will I need to register wit two fingers ?

-Because fingerprints are not unique. There is a possible match of your fingerprint 1 in 50000 and it will reduce the possible match to 1 in 1 billion. The application requires both thumb and index finger and beside them 6 digit password.

*Do I have to save my fingerprints to use the application?

-No. Savie and use your fingerprints are entirely your choice.

You can use FGP just like any other crypto money.

*How FGP works as an ATM?

-We are targeting FGP ATMs to work with fingerprint or QR code depending on the user's situation.

*Do you have any further questions ?

- telegram: https://t.me/FingerPrintCoin & https://t.me/FGPTalk or Send your questions to this email; info@fingerprintcoin.org

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